About Us

Hello everyone! Welcome to Saffrons & Mangoes!

We are two cousins, Vaishnavi Kumar & Bhanumathy Balaji, and in this site we will be sharing various traditional practices pertaining to child care, parenting and healthy living. To understand the concept of this blog, kindly read the post, A Big Hello!

Why the name Saffrons & Mangoes?

Saffron – Distinct, exotic, novel, therapeutic and promotes good health.

Mango – Popular yet unique, delicious, rich, nutritious and very Indian. King of fruits for all the right reasons.

These two embodies the characters we look for/ wish for our kids as well as one’s own self.

Also, when one hears Saffrons & Mangoes, they are mostly associated with happy and joyful memories, something you enjoyed and relished, and will always cherish.

People behind the Blog

Vaishnavi Kumar – Mother. Teaching Professional. Foodie. Happiness advocate. Eggitarian.

Bhanumathy Balaji – Dog momma. Entrepreneur. Leisure time crafter. Learner. Vegetarian. Chocoholic.

This is our maiden attempt with blogging and we plan to learn as we progress. We grew up in a family atmosphere where the modern technology is embraced and learned with gusto without leaving behind the traditions and cultural practices which are followed at all the necessary places and times. Our childhood memories are filled with our elders incorporating the traditional values in us even when they encouraged us to learn all the modern technology and lifestyle.

We are not barred from our pizzas and pastas as far as we ate our fill of veges and thayir sadhams.

We had access to our TV show and internet when we made sure to keep them afar during the quality family time and dining table.

They made sure we learnt to maintain a perfect balance between our roots and our modern lives. This blog is a reflection of it.

We would love to hear and interact with you. Your suggestions and feedbacks will help us a great deal in making this space better. Kindly feel free to comment in our posts or you can contact us through this page here. You can also write to us at saffronsnmangoes@gmail.com